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Why You Should Not Ignore Software Updates


Have you seen those small notification tabs that pop up on your mobile/computer screens? They tell you that a new software update or patch is available for your laptop, mobile device, tablet, etc.  

Well, if you are unaware of their importance, you may click on the “remind me later” option on the screens. Some people even put off the updates for long. Don’t do it, as you may miss out on an important update required to keep your device working efficiently.

But how long do you think you can ignore software updates, necessary patches and feel secure in utilizing those tools with your personal info? It becomes a cause of concern when you consider cybersecurity. Hence, the sooner you update your device, the better!

Importance of Software Updates and Patches

Fixing Security Flaws

Software flaws or vulnerabilities put you at the risk of cyberattacks. The more outdated your software or operating systems, the higher the vulnerability to security risks. It is usually a loophole that the developers intentionally or unintentionally leave out while launching the app or software.

Thereby, hackers take advantage of these flaws to initiate malware coding and distribution in order to target the specific weak points of the software or operating systems.

Consequently, the malware will infect your data, make the software useless, and exploit any further vulnerabilities of your digital device. Therefore, software patches are crucial to cover the security flaws.

Risk of Spreading Malware

If your computer or mobile phone gets a malicious code or virus, it does not only pose a threat to your cybersecurity. Now, your contacts and the people you share your data with are also at risk and prone to malware attacks on their devices as well. For that reason, you need to keep your software up-to-date in order to avoid becoming the carrier of malware or virus.

Better Security and Data-Protection

You may store critical and sensitive data on your devices. Your emails and bank account information is valuable to hackers who can steal your information to perform thefts and might also demand ransom (in case of a ransomware attack).

Keeping software up-to-date and installing effective patches means that not only is your data secure but is also less vulnerable to cyber attacks from hackers.

Greater user Satisfaction

Software updates are not just for cybersecurity, data security, and patching software loopholes. In fact, one of the core concepts of patches and updates is to upgrade the usability, accessibility, and available features of the software.

These may include the removal of bugs, no app crashing, and the replacement of old and outdated features with the latest. Often, the patches increase software stability for efficient user interaction.


Software updates are not merely crucial due to cybersecurity and data loss but also your need for better services and support. More importantly, when it comes to commercial and/or corporate use, it is highly advisable to keep the software updated in order to reduce the chances of financial and critical data loss to cyber hackers.


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