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How Digital Transformation is Helping Non-Profits


Did you know that after only six months of the Covid-19 outbreak and global lockdowns, fundraising was the most complicated milestone for Non-profit Leadership Organizations? Even the experienced and professional experts from the leading Non-profits saw it as a challenge to raise finances.

What’s more, with the pandemic’s economic impacts, there was a decrease in revenue for nearly 80 percent of the Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs). Plus, there was a reduction in employment by these NPOs by at least 47 percent.

Social distancing and the restriction on outdoor activities also affected the operations of essential healthcare and non-profits around the world. However, digital transformation can help NPOs survive and continue working during these hard times.

Digital Transformation for Non-Profits

As the prominent NPO leaders suggest, adaptability is the critical trait for success in the following years. Hence, it is the duty of every NPO to consider outside-the-box solutions and thinking. You might agree that digital transformation is the way to go in order to make use of the virtual environments and carry on with their responsibilities.

Here are some ways in which digital transformation can help and improve the conditions and working operations of the NPOs around the world. In fact, the results are already in effect.


Administrative tasks such as accounting, donations tracking, project handling, etc., can become easy with adequate management using digital platforms.

What NPOs need to understand that many software and other digital service providers can offer cost-effective and efficient administrative services. Hence, communication and other tasks (including those above) can become more efficient. They will witness an increase in competence and improvement in overall results achievement.

Engagement and Marketing

Competing for the attention of the audience, such as clients, partners, donors, etc., is one of the key concerns of the major NPOs. It is the awareness and the spread of knowledge regarding an NPO’s missions and objectives that entitle it to the support of its targeted audience.

In particular, social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, are the best channels to spread public awareness and ensure the long-term success of an NPO.

Information and Training

Now with the influx of digital media and resources, NPOs are capable of handling virtual training sessions, webinars, etc., for the new and experienced workers.

For example, a video conference can help support the idea of financial feasibility for a down-turned NPO and save food, travel, etc., expenses in the short term. Moreover, it can become an effective platform for recruitment and advanced training.

Program Success and Effective Deliveries

According to the trend report for Nonprofits in 2020, almost 70 percent of the NPOs with digital development and perfection in their processes were able to surpass their delivery goals. It is no surprise that reaching out to their target audience is a cumbersome task.

Besides, as the pandemic continues to affect businesses and organizations, there is an increase in the use of digital programming to ensure better program success and deliveries for maximum customer/ audience reach.


Digital transformation is the way forward for nonprofits. Leveraging the latest technology and digital media, NPOs can survive profitably. Some NPOs have already adapted to the change and are using digital forums to spread awareness and raise funds.