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Mesh, Digital, and Intelligent Trends: What’s the Outlook in 2022?


As we move forward with technological advancements such as Metaverse, internet-connected wearables, and IoT sensors, we must realize the interconnectivity of these things. Nearly all technologies around us are somehow connected to each other and can’t function seamlessly if the connectivity gets affected.

The latest mesh, digital, and intelligent trends are helping businesses become more competitive. Discussing how that happens will be quite complex. So, we will keep our focus strictly on the main trends that have erupted in the said technological spaces (i.e., mesh, digital, and intelligence).

What is Intelligent Digital Mesh?

Intelligent Digital Mesh refers to the integration of people, IoT, services, data, and devices in a collaborative functioning environment. In plain words, the Intelligent Digital Mesh means multiple technologies are working together to provide convenience to people and businesses around the world.

Mesh, digital, and intelligent trends power the Intelligent Digital Mesh interconnectivity. The trends in those three categories of technologies are transforming how wearables, IoT, people, and different environments interact with each other.

Mesh Trends

Mesh technologies aim to develop higher quality and efficient connections between tools in the other two categories of technology. The main purpose of mesh technologies is to strengthen the networks of business data, digital services, smart agents, and people. In turn, this drives significant business value and improves the overall digital business outcomes involving intelligence and digital tech.

Some of the popular mesh trends include:

  • Service Architecture and Mesh App
  • Conversational Systems
  • Smart Spaces
  • Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust
  • Blockchain
  • Adaptive Security Architecture
  • Digital Technology Platforms
  • Event-Driven

Digital Trends

Digital trends are all trends that decrease the differences between physical and virtual technology. In simple words, digital trends aim to create a digitally-enhanced and immersive environment. They create new opportunities and chances for development. As the quantity of data increases exponentially, digital trends create new ethics and privacy guidelines to encourage fair use.

Some of the most popular digital trends include:

  • Empowered edge
  • Cloud to the Edge
  • Immersive Experience
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Blockchains
  • Distributed Ledgers
  • IoT Digital Twins
  • Conversational Platforms

Intelligence Trends

These are the trends that mainly revolve around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Both are practically functional in a vast array of technologies, such as collecting data, analyzing it, and producing effective algorithms. As AI and ML combine to produce better technological solutions for a wide variety of issues involving the other two categories, new trends keep emerging from every corner.

Some of the most popular intelligence trends include:

  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Autonomous Things
  • Intelligent Applications
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Applied AI
  • AI-Powered Development
  • Augmented Analytics


Technology has transformed countless processes of our personal and professional lives. While most technologies are greatly beneficial to both aspects (personal and business), a few technologies are still under development to reach the desired level of implementation and mass adoption.

Most modern enterprises are built around the current mesh, digital, and intelligent trends. The latest technology, such as virtual assistants, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, and more, have become a fundamental part of modern enterprises.


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