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A Systematic Approach to Data Democratization Using AI

Artificial Intelligence

Data democratization is a growing concept, and when aligned with artificial intelligence, it presents countless opportunities and benefits for businesses around the world. For your information, the existing technologies that all major companies and businesses are using globally operate on data. Every single process at any given time is based on some form of data that those companies have collected using technology.

As companies keep generating more data related to operations, customers, and employees, the need to gain insights from it keeps increasing. However, the lack of accessibility and limited data availability around the world has resulted in too much data with too few insights.

So, let’s take a look at how you can step out of heaps of senseless data and get the most out of the available resources through data democratization.

The Systematic Approach to Data Democratization Using AI: Step-by-Step

Incorporating new methods to generate insights and utilize raw data can be a hectic task if you don’t prepare your employees for it. In fact, a huge proportion of businesses using modern technology claim to have collected a lot of data but fail to make anything considerable out of it, such as insights or valuable information.

Although many businesses have adopted data technologies, they’re still struggling to get a positive Return on Investment, or ROI for short. Here’s a step-by-step systematic approach to adopting data democratization concurrently using AI.

1. Check for Blind Spots

Try to learn where you stand in terms of data collection, storage, processing, and insight extraction. It’s important to know your blind spots. Are you a company that’s totally data-driven, using the latest technology, including machine learning and artificial intelligence applications? Learn which data sources are underutilized and what part of the data collection/utilization could actually benefit from data democratization using AI.

2. Target Specific Departments

Try to be precise with your approach. You can begin by targeting departments within your organization that starve the most for data. Usually, the marketing and customer experience department is where most data is needed. You can start delivering the benefit of democratized data using AI to such departments.

3. Start from the Lowest Level

You can start by improving the employee experience. It’s necessary to train the employees on the pros and cons of data democratization with AI. Then, you can empower employees in various departments with technology and data access.

4. Align Data Democratization with Company Goals

Make sure you remain within the privacy regulations and rules set by data governing authorities in the industry in which your business operates. When going for data democratization using technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can align the approach to business objectives. Critical business goal completion will become easier that way and improve the effectiveness of data democratization.


Data democratization can be the cure to the restlessness and hunger that modern businesses have for data. The way data reaches every organization and individual will make all the difference. Sticking with the same disjointed means of assessing and evaluating data will not take a business any further. The mere presence of data isn’t the only factor that will influence the success of a business.

Employees at an organization also need to understand the importance of data and what they must do with it. With the help of artificial technology and machine learning, employees can turn data into insights much more efficiently.


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