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Bust the Top Myths of the Cryptocurrency World

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Cryptocurrency Myths

This world is still a mystery to those who do not know much about cryptocurrency. Since it first launched in 2009 till now, there have been several myths circulating in the masses, and these myths stop investors from taking a leap of faith and investing.

If you, too, are confused and stuck between these myths, in this article, we will bust the top myths of the cryptocurrency world:

Myth No. 1-Cryptocurrency is Money

The concept of cryptocurrency was to create alternative methods to make payments as compared to all the traditional methods. It is not precisely money, but it is a medium of making payments between two parties that allow for such transactions. The value of money remains the same, while the value of cryptocurrency against money is not consistent. It may be high one day and low the other. This is why they are not as reliable as money.

 Myth No.2-They Are Always A Good Investment

Many people from all economic backgrounds are getting into the crypto game and making investments. However, the question here is not whether crypto is always a good investment but if you are making the right one for you. Therefore, you need to be very careful when making investments s they may not always give you the profits you are hoping for.

Myth No.3-Bitcoin Is Outdated

With more currencies coming in, such as meme coins, many people believe in the myth that cryptocurrency is outdated and is slowly fading away. However, in reality, cryptocurrency welcomes more coins that are taking place with bitcoins. While you can use bitcoins for transactions, these coins, such as Dogecoins, are not exclusive to payments. Instead, they are very volatile and can be affected by any instance, such as tweets and other social media trends.

While the new coins have better technology, Bitcoin remains at the top.

Myth No. 4 -The Dollar Is In Jeopardy

This is a widely accepted myth that cryptocurrency will soon take precedence over the dollar. Many experts wonder if it will mark the end of the dollar, but it is still a myth. Cryptocurrency may gain a lot of popularity worldwide, but it only depends on the people who own it. As for the dollar, the US government backs the dollar and has the trust of several investors all over the globe.

Myth No. 5 -Cryptocurrency Is Not Here To Stay

There is a lot of speculation about whether cryptocurrency is here to stay or not. But what is certain is that the currency has significantly changed the money world. With technological advancements, cryptocurrency can be more common than it is now. Many countries are experimenting with digital money. Therefore, there is no truth to the myth that cryptocurrency is not here to stay. With the keen interest of people and governments, cryptocurrency may see many more moons before it fizzles out.


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