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Why Leading Companies are investing in Everything as a Service

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XaaS incorporates everything into a single platform, but what does it mean? XaaS isn’t limited to technology anymore as it provides better business customer engagement, efficiencies, and employee insights, as well as updated methods to deal with data. More and more companies are now starting to invest in Everything as a Service, but is it worth it? Let’s find out!

Why Companies are Investing in Everything as a Service

Here are some of the benefits/reasons that make leading companies invest in Everything as a Service today.

Higher Productivity

Productivity is a serious concern for most small and large businesses. However, companies do not need to worry about this anymore, thanks to Everything as a Service. It compiles everything on a single platform, thereby increasing productivity.

Stronger Security

The majority of cybercriminals aim their attacks on small businesses because they are easier to target. However, leading companies also deal with this problem putting the data of thousands of customers at risk of theft by hackers. However, Everything as Service reduces the problem drastically by providing better security measures to leading companies and small businesses alike because it uses a closed system to operate.

Different software like anti-virus, encryption, and authentication, and detection software are a solution to the problem.

Improved Efficiency

XaaS helps improve the efficiency of company processes by focusing on their systems. For example, a hospital may use information systems (IS) and electronic medical records (EMR) to improve Healthcare services using the same principle.

This helps hospitals become more patient-centric and data-driven to help keep better records. Similarly Internet of Things (IoT), combined with gadgets and wearable have made it possible for people to:

  • Monitor their health round the clock
  • Collect lab samples via home delivery and other simpler ways.
  • Get medicine deliveries on their doorstep.
  • Consult online with doctors

Mobility and Transportation

XaaS technology helps improve transportation as well, which is an integral part of the operations of every leading company, especially the ones that are product-centric. Companies can keep track of their shipments and deliveries and keep checks on everything.

It helps companies to plan cost-effective solutions to warehouse management and transportation. Moreover, several online apps can help you make this possible with a touch.

Similarly, flying taxis and carriers are few highly anticipated projects that could help leading companies make money while maintaining an eco-friendly approach.

Bottom Line

Everything as a Service is undoubtedly a great investment for leading companies as it is improving their production, efficiency, security, and transportation, maximizing their output. The concept seems promising since it emphasizes that all leading companies can provide their services over the network. However, it still needs time to make it to the mainstream business world.


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