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The State of Cybersecurity in the Midst of a Pandemic Crisis


Information technology has become a crucial part of social and economic progress around the world. Numerous data scientists and developers are providing innovative tools to streamline businesses among various industries. Many businesses are utilizing automation tools to reduce the manpower and time necessary to perform repetitive tasks. As businesses are entirely dependent on these interfaces and tools, they preserve valuable data and information.

Despite the advancement of various techniques, we are still prone to cyber threats. Cyber attackers are on the loose, finding loopholes in the security of different networks. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the consistency of cyberattacks is increasing. This is due to the fact that employees around the world are working from home. This means that every individual is working on their personal networks.

Not everyone is aware of Cybersecurity. This gives the attackers more chances to break into a system and control valuable information. Keeping Cybersecurity in mind, you should educate your employees so they can maintain the state of Cybersecurity in the midst of a pandemic crisis. Maintaining the Cybersecurity of all the employees can be an arduous task for managers. Therefore, they should arrange training sessions and provide them maximum awareness about the threat. Below you will find some effective Cybersecurity measures that your employees can follow:

1. Strong Password

Maintaining a strong password is the first line of defense for online security. Here are some tips that your employees can follow to guess a difficult password. When your employees are using the social media platform on the same network, the data is in danger. Therefore, they should choose a secure password.

  • Use lower and upper case letters, symbols, and numbers.
  • The password should be eight to 12 characters.
  • If the data is too confidential, change the password regularly.
  • Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.

Create and share the password policy with employees so they can follow it. Numerous technologies are available to ensure that the password is according to the policy.

2. Control Access

If your organization has a central network that contains all the data for employees working from home, ensure that they have limited access. Set user’s control and restrict the users to the information they require for performing tasks. Make roles and responsibilities and limit the sending and receiving of the emails.

3. Firewall

Firewalls work as gatekeepers and prevent a cyberattack from spreading. These tools eliminate malware and viruses from the system. Your employees should ensure that the firewalls are active and effective.

4. Security Software

Ensure that your anti-virus and anti-malware programs are active. Your employees should know how to detect and eliminate a threat using these tools.


You can utilize this ongoing pandemic and educate your employees about Cybersecurity within the office premises or home working space. They should know how to use advanced and robust tools for Cybersecurity. All these measures will maintain your Cybersecurity and eliminate the risk of cyber-attacks.


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