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The Benefits of Managed Services

The IT Universe Writers

Traditionally, most IT providers use to rely on a go-to marketing strategy to provide their unique service to customers and gain competitive benefits. However, developing such a strategy can be a bit challenging at times. Note that most providers are likely to start out as repair or break/fix shops and deliver IT support to the customers on a project basis. In this case, the revenue will be unpredictable. The best alternative that you may consider to tackle this issue is managed services.

Managed services

In this model, the IT providers tend to deliver their services to the customers on an indefinite or ongoing basis. As a result, providers can yield a monthly or yearly subscription from their customers in this case. Note that while some customers tend to outsource a part of their IT requirements, some clients will outsource all their IT needs to the providers.

Furthermore, some IT providers tend to offer a group, services, or packages to different clients that are designed according to their requirements. This is the best way that a provider may employ to present their service in an upfront way. That is, you can provide multiple services at a single rate rather than providing different services at different price points. Needless to say, healthcare and IT disciplines are the best options that you can target in this case. For the latter, you may craft a security package that includes threat detection, antivirus and firewall software, patch management, etc.

The major benefits of packaging

Mind that you can never figure out a single way of bundling the services since a package will depend on the requirements of your customers. Besides, some of the major benefits offered by managed services or packaging include simplified pricing, enhanced efficiency, and upsell opportunities. Out of these, enhanced efficiency is the most significant upside of managed services. After all, the objective of your enterprise will be to provide high-quality services to your customers along with yielding good profit.  This is an assured benefit when it comes to packaging since you will be able to normalize or standardize certain products and develop proficiency on it.

For instance, if you are providing data backup services to multiple customers, you’ll be able to manage all their requirements using a single or distinct backup solution by designing a standard backup package.  This will be better than dealing with all their backup requirements independently. When it comes to billing, it’ll be really simplified since you won’t have to deal with multiple price points for the services offered to a single customer. Similarly, packaging will help you work with clients who have a limited budget as well. After all, you can gradually grow with them as their requirements change or enterprise expands.