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Reality Check: Is the Future 5G?


One of the main reasons various technologies have been successful during their growth and maturity is people’s knowledge about them. Simply put, the more users understand the technology and find it usable, the more successful it is.

The same goes for the connectivity and internet advancements that are in progress. Prominently, what many people are realizing is that 5G is not a revolutionary but an evolutionary technology. Well, it is simply a greater advancement in the first to the fourth generation of the previous wireless technology iteration.

About 5G Technology

5G is quickly becoming a hot discussion among experts who argue that there is a substantial lack of groundwork to deploy the technology presently. Did you know, in America, over 650,000 new cell towers are likely to be deployed in addition to the already 150,000 existing ones?

Well, to support and cater to the growing 5G race and the mobile data demand, the US is deciding on how to deploy additional cell towers by 2026. All in all, 5G may be an era of greater connectivity, speed, bandwidth, and lower latency that will enable significant productivity in the coming time.

What is the Consumer’s Point of View?

From a productive and applicable perspective, 5G relies on the hardware and business models of the extensive network providers in the industry. Besides, were you aware that nearly 38% of mobile data consumers were unexcited for the 5G’s launch?

What’s more, half of those in the survey were not even aware of when and how 5G will arrive. Despite this, projections and predictions regarding consumer confidence and use suggest that a heightened sense of greater connectivity may be the way to achieve success with 5G.

In addition to greater connectivity, there will be better tech readiness and an inclined innovation speed for futuristic developments so long as the consumer interests spike this project. Business models of the network providers play an important role in laying the foundation of this ambitious and potentially successful project.

Many countries around the world, besides the US, are focusing on the potential applications of 5G and seeing to its development. As a matter of fact, one of the most powerful economies in the world, China, is supporting the striving 5G project.

Is China Set to Spend Billions on 5G Mobile Networks’ Development?

China is aiming for the biggest telecommunication infrastructure of its history with heavy funding of nearly $411 billion USD for the duration of 2020-2030. Additionally, this heavy funding will benefit every 5G-enabled mobile network in the country.

 In fact, there are substantial developments with the domestic network providers in China. It would not be wrong to assume that China may be one of the earliest to lay down the foundation of 5G connectivity and bandwidth within the set time of the project.


Overall, the real hot topic is how 5G will affect the existing platforms while also enabling the creation of newer, better, and efficient platforms for realistic applications. Will 5G deliver up to its hype in the future? Are the predictions with such generous funding from America and China viable for the success of 5G in the realistic applications criteria? Well, we will find the answers in the coming years.


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