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Pieces Of Technology That Can Aid Businesses In Adapting This Year


The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we do business, in an irreparable manner. It is worse that there is no sign of the issue subsiding. Small enterprises had a difficult 2020, but those have flexibility in certain ways that bigger entities lack.

The feature of small enterprises being unestablished works in a way that benefits them with regards to structuring processes so that these become more suitable for COVID-19.

Instead of retrofitting the newest piece of digital tech to outdated infrastructure, a small business can use modern software to do it at all levels. Fewer variables are likely to go wrong in smaller enterprises.

Below is a list of three trends that would continue when we move further into the year 2021.

More Digitalization of All Business Aspects

Every business can anticipate having a daily function aspect transitioning into the online space. Today’s social distancing norms basically require the above-mentioned. That is very poignant for an enterprise with any sort of contact with customers.

Remote Work Is Becoming More Common

Working remote will continue to be standard to all for applicable employment functions due to social distancing during the epidemic. The novel coronavirus has turned out to be resilient. Things such as being on quarantine and maintaining social distance are likely to be there for many more months.

Here is a list of technologies that small enterprises should adapt to this year.

Tax Management

Does your organization do business with international parties? If so, you are perhaps outsourcing international tax legislative compliance-related duties to a third-party business. There are industry segments dedicated to the compliance matter.

One of those is the international tax management industry. Do you feel that it is not required? Do you realize which nations have the world’s lowest and highest rates of tax? Do you track how frequently those tax rates change?

If you are like everyone else, you would not have an answer in the affirmative to those questions. Anyhow, it is fortunate that there are programs that track the above-mentioned. Tax management through digital technology can reduce your small enterprise’s burden for a far lesser cost as compared to recruiting an attorney if you do it incorrectly.

For a marginal premium, you could access programs that get rid of all the conjecture for you and those who do business with you. The right tax program will compute international taxes fast and correctly before it delivers the results to users punctually.


It saves not only labor costs but also your small enterprise’s time. Those who own small enterprises can accept the reality that every person can afford not to use more time, thereby preserving this resource. When telework turns into the norm, the same thing happens to increased digitalization.

Anyhow, rather than paying more for labor to operate the programs, consider investing in software that makes your day-to-day processes automatic.

For instance, you may revive your relationship with customers through email outreach in automated form.

You may also utilize automated applications for billing, worker vacation requests, staff scheduling, and so forth.

This is the right time to begin spending on automation as those programs are becoming more and more affordable.

Artificial Intelligence

While AI has much improvement to make, its present form is quite revolutionary. It makes new customer communication channels that small business enterprises could not tap into earlier.

For example, chatbots can promote services, respond to common questions, solve customer issues, upsell clientele, and do more. Those computer programs have long been available. The automated telephone systems that encourage customers to do something like “Say your surname and maiden name and just press pound key”, have been available for 10 years or more.

Therefore, automated messaging solutions have turned out to be effective in handling customer queries.

Anyhow, until the latest AI version, those were pretty rudimentary systems and nothing beyond just interactive forms of answering machines. Chatbot programs and the piece of technology that supports those are different. Chatbots process the information being fed to those and then respond to it, instead of acting as per a sequence of prompts.

Beyond chatbots and customer interaction, artificial intelligence provides predictive tools to allow businesses to progress before trends.

Final Thoughts

As just a general rule, every business has to be familiar with SaaS as a concept. While people worldwide were already entering the so-called digital realm, the coronavirus epidemic continues to push us more quickly than before.

Small enterprises can not only control their destiny but transcend the storm as well. Or, the businesses can postpone spending on fresh technology as well as spend their developmental years keeping up with future technological demands.

The business enterprises that will last up to next year are going digital. What about you?


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