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How Does A Software Minimalistic Approach Contribute To Your Efficiency?


If you are looking for software solutions that improve your business operations, you are going to see an overwhelming list of software programs. This is exactly why we aren’t surprised by seeing companies manage too many applications all at once. We cannot predict clearly whether or not an innovation that you just adopted won’t become a roadblock to your efficiency in the long run.

You can’t blame yourself for being tempted to try out new applications but we do recommend that you adopt a minimalistic strategy. It is going to give you exciting returns in the long run in terms of stability and a smooth flow of business operations.

Avoid shadow IT

Companies that are expanding rapidly make use of shadow IT or any software that is purchased and used without the proper approval of the IT department. When most of the company fails to notice a given tech solution, it might altogether become forgotten. Cybersecurity vulnerabilities will progress unchecked and former employees may gain access to sensitive information maliciously.

Shadow IT can prove to be very costly in the long run and the only solution is to make minimalism a part of the company culture. Training employees in software becomes easier than ever if there are only a small number of services to work with. Tracking the subscription-renewal timelines of all SaaS applications will diminish if there are fewer ones to work with.

Reduce Your Workload

If you have well-managed software services in place, the business operations are definitely going to pick up speed as the apps do the tasks in a short time, unlike employees who would take hours to do the same task. However, introducing every new application involves learning new routines, training the employees in the new apps, and tracking the license agreements. Although all of these applications are meant to improve your business, too many of them could make things complicated.

In addition to that, unnecessary software apps could lead to a non-uniform workflow. Unless the workflow is aligned in the right direction, employees find it difficult to work as a team with efficacy. The complicated processes of some software applications can disturb the workflow.

Keeping track of the software services in your company is important in order to decide whether it is necessary or not. After all, you would not want to waste your valuable time in training your employees in some redundant software and complicate their daily routine without getting any returns.

Prevent Security Breaches

Security mishaps are common when you have numerous mismanaged software services. According to an IBM report in 2019, an average data breach costs about 3.92 million. That is quite a big sum and you would never want to suffer such a heavy loss in an attempt to incorporate every new software service into your company.

Breaches happen mostly because companies lack appropriate control over people who have access to sensitive information. A case study that was published by a SaaS management tool named Torii, found that a cloud-based business named Pipedrive was finding it difficult to handle the security of many of its SaaS applications, as they found tracking the accounts of former employees a daunting task. They also found it difficult to keep track of the type of data that was being shared across numerous external apps.

Pipedrive succeeded in managing its software with better efficacy by implementing the SaaS management tool that allowed them to avoid applications they no longer needed. Adopting a minimalistic strategy helped them function with better efficiency.

Allow Quicker Onboarding Process

The costs associated with training employees increase as the complexity of workflow at a company increases. The training process speeds up when the software use is limited to necessary applications alone.

One of the best ways to increase efficiency in a company is by shortening onboarding. You save the maximum possible resources when the employees start running at full capacity without taking much time. You would also have to make sure that veteran employees are experts in every application that is used in the company. Otherwise, trainers will have a tough time explaining things to new hires.


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