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7 Tips to Pass Data Security Test

The IT Universe Writers

The number of crimes and scams in the cyber world are increasing everyday. Therefore, all the internet users out there must consider cybersecurity as a significant factor. This issue is even more crucial when it comes to the commercial field since your reputation and business are at stake. Note that if your cybersecurity is poor, hackers can easily break into your network system and steal or damage all your sensitive data within seconds.

Plus, business owners have an obligation towards their clients to keep their data safe. Any issues here can cause a lot of complications such as legal cases, compensation, loss of confidence, etc. In order to avoid these nightmares, it’s strongly recommended to do a reliable security test and make sure you’ll able to pass it. To help you achieve this goal, you may want to consider these seven tips below.

Run regular vulnerability scans

You should run at least one vulnerability scan a month. This will help you spot medium or high exposures earlier so you’re able to easily fix it. Note that you can effortlessly infiltrate all the exposures or susceptibilities through a data test and so can the attackers making it essential to perform the test on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, most companies out there tend to run vulnerability tests only once a year leaving a big gap range in between. This can be dangerous for your business since cybercriminals have also evolved and have gotten smarter over the years.

Limit user access

The best way for malware to enter your system is through a user who can often access the entire system. Thankfully, you can mitigate this issue by limiting user access or the number of users. Make sure that they are accessing your system only in case of emergencies or when they are expected to carry out their duty. For this, you can rely on a monitoring system so that you will be notified whenever a person enters the targeted area. Needless to say, it will be much easier for hackers to gain access if everyone in the company has access to the system that carries sensitive data.

Keep software patched

A software patch is a set of changes that are done to a program or its associated data in order to fix, upgrade, or improve it. Hence, it is significant to keep your software patched all the time. Two of the popular brands that most entrepreneurs tend to rely on for security patching are Flash and Adobe. Please note that even the best anti-spyware or antivirus software in the world cannot secure your data if your third-party software is obsolete and vulnerable to threats.

Follow the set of guidelines to function your operating system

Every commercial operating system tends to come with a set of guidelines that will walk the user through the ways to strengthen the operating system as well as teach you how to apply those strategies properly. You should refer to the hardening guide for your particular operating system and perform the recommended check at least a few times a year to increase your security.

Change the default password

It’s very tempting to just stick to the default password offered by your internet router supplier. Note that this is one of the most popular vulnerabilities since cybercriminals are likely to input the default passwords when trying to login for the first time. Just imagine what will happen if a popular automobile company maintained the default password for their router.

The attackers would have breached the security easily and stolen all the data from their projects. Then, they would probably either blackmail them or sell the information to their competitors.  Undoubtedly, the consequences will be catastrophic such as losing reputation, share market price drop, losing millions of profit, etc. In comparison, if the same thing happens to a smaller or medium enterprise, they will be left with nothing.

Use local administrator password solution from Microsoft

To ensure maximum protection, every device must be secured using a unique password. For this, you may rely on LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution) to ensure that all your devices have got their own independent passwords. You should note that you will have to use all these passwords together since it hosts a comprehensive policy. When you run a company, make sure to craft written policies and guidelines regarding the password such as its sharing, changing, etc. This step is important to instill the significance of passwords within the staffs. Besides, if anyone failed to adhere to the guidelines, make sure to take strict actions against them.

Never prepare for data security tests

Usually, most companies tend to prepare for data security tests so that they can impress their clients and the outside world. Their main intention will be to brag about how secure their services are. However, if you focus on your cybersecurity only when conducting this test, you are not really safeguarding your business. Rather, you are just giving a false impression or hope to others. It is worth noting that you must conduct security tests regularly since the attackers are evolving everyday. Otherwise, get ready to take a huge risk that can ruin your entire business.


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